Body Treatments

How you feel about your body is just as important to your confidence as your face looking fresh, vibrant and healthy. It’s not about making your body fit the images portrayed by the media. It’s all about you feeling comfortable in your shape and having the self-esteem to wear what you want, when you want.

Which woman doesn't want beautiful legs?

Slimmer thighs

It’s possible!  With CoolSculpting you can permanently reduce the soft fat of the inner thigh. This fat freezing treatment is FDA approved with proven results. It is the only non-surgical alternative to liposuction producing at least a 20% reduction in a single treatment. In addition the treatment removes cellulite on the inner thigh.

No stretch marks

If you have stretch marks we can take care of those too!

Smooth pins

Almost all of women suffer from annoying and often unsightly blue veins on our legs. Sclerotherapy reduces leg thread veins by 80% and when combined with laser hair removal gives you the most smooth lower legs you can have.

Which man doesn't want a masculine torso?

We can help men seeking to get rid of moobs and love handles using CoolSculpting, plus we can even help define that six pack with Aqualyx treatments. If you don't want a hairy chest then laser hair removal and provide smooth hair free skin permanently.

Be confident and comfortable in your body

All of our treatments are safe, proven to be effective and unlike surgery do not  have the associated risks and down time. Most of our body treatments require 4-6 months to achieve the full result with no sudden changes, so gradual process will ensure your treatment is your secrete.