Ellansé Treatments

Ellansé is a collagen stimulator that is injected and has an immediate effect similar to a dermal filler. Thanks to Ellansé unique dual properties, it not only corrects lines and folds, but by also stimulates your own collagen to achieve longer lasting results that lift sagging skin.

The benefits of Ellansé are:

  • Immediately reduces lines and folds.
  • Results last longer through the production of your natural collagen - up to 4 years.
  • Over time fewer maintenance treatments are required when compared to traditional dermal fillers.
  • Fresh vibrant appearance due to improvement from skin health.
  • Ellansé can be combined in a treatment plan with Thread Lifts to achieve a result similar to facelifts.

The limitations of Ellansé are:

  • Not suitable for anyone with an autoimmune condition or poor health.
  • The procedure cannot be reversed.
  • Unlike Sculptra, because of the immediate results it may be more noticeable that you have had a treatment.