Dermal Filler Rhinoplasty

Nose-reshaping, which in medically terms is called rhinoplasty, can now be safely achieved using dermal fillers. This safe, non-invasive alternative to a surgical rhinoplasty achieves instant results without the need to endure weeks of swelling and bruising from the operation.
As it does not require the use of a hospital theatre it is also a lot less expensive than surgery. However, unlike surgery, the results (although long lasting) are temporary and will need to be repeated if you wish to maintain them.

What can dermal filler rhinoplasty achieve?

A non-surgical nose job using dermal filler injections can treat a number of misshapen nose concerns:
  • Straighten a slightly crooked nose
  • Straighten a hooked nose
  • Create a nose tip
  • Correct a nose bump
  • Correct asymmetric noses
  • Give more height and definition to a small nose
  • Smooth a mild to moderate bump on the nose bridge
  • Straighten out a mild to moderate nasal tip droop

How soon will you notice results?

You should be able to spot an immediate difference to the shape of your nose, although optimium results wil be seen at 2 weeks when any swelling has dissappeared.

How long will your nose reshaping results last?

Dermal fillers are not permanent and are naturally broken down by your body over time. Results typically last between 9-18 months, so further treatments will be required to maintain your desired appearance.
Some patients elect to trial a new nose shape using a dermal filler rhinoplasty, typically costing £400 - £950, before then proceeding to a permanent surgical rhinoplasty treatment, which costs between £4,500 - £7,500.
We always recommend a subtle approach to create a natural looking reshaped nose. You can always build on the effect with subsequent top up treatments, which will be tailored at every visit so that your desired nose shape is achieved in a soft and subtle way.

Is there any downtime?

A dermal filler rhinoplasty treatment takes approximately 15-30 minutes. There is little or no downtime and you can resume normal activities right away.
There may be light swelling, which you can easily camouflage with makeup after 24 hours. During the immediate 24 hours after treatment you should avoid touching the treated area, or using makeup, to avoid infection.