Frequently Asked Questions

Are DRVICTORIA™ skincare products cruelty free?

YES - during the development of the DRVICTORIA™ skincare range no products were tested on animals. We will never involve any form of animal testing in the development of the range.

Are DRVICTORIA™ skincare products marine friendly?

YES - no plastic microbead products are used in the manufacture of DRVICTORIA™ skincare products.

Are DRVICTORIA™ skincare products manufactured in the UK?

YES - all DRVICTORIA™ skincare products are manufactured in the UK to ensure the highest quality and freshness.

Are DRVICTORIA™ skincare products vegan friendly?

Most - no animal products, derivatives or by-products are used in the manufacture of DRVICTORIA™ skincare products marked as vegan firendly. One product RE-BOOST does contain Royal Jelly.