Patient feedback

Your feedback is important to us!

Patient feedback helps us to:

  • Improve patient experiences
  • Improve patient retention
  • Identify improvement areas
  • Create successful strategies
  • Generate new business ideas
  • Strengthen online reputation

Ways to submit your feedback

Customer service

If you have recently visited our clinic and want to tell us how we did in customer service please complete this feedback form.

The clinic manager reviews submissions weekly and discusses them with the team to constantly improve our service.

Happy testimonial

If you are delighted with your outcome - we would love you to film a video testimonial that we can share - just click here to tell your story.

Video testimonials are wonderful ways to help others understand our service. We share these videos on our reception TV, social media and website.

However, if video is not your thing then please leave a review on Save Face or Google.

Unhappy complaint

We want you to have a positive experience and a good treatment outcome. We take great pride in our service delivery and if you are not happy - we would love the chance to rectify the issue causing you dissatisfaction. We promise to listen, treat you with respect and try to deal with your complaint appropriately and in a timely manner.

Click here to read our complaints procedure and submit your complaint.

See what others say

Watch many stories shared by our patients.

What action have we taken based on feedback?



I find technology hard to use

If you find computer and internet technology more of a barrier than a help when trying to communicate - then simply call our reception on 0131 226 9610 and explain your feedback and it will be sent to the relevant team member.


Susan Edie

Susan Edie

Susan is our clinic manager. Formly a nurse, Susan has 8 years experience in NHS and private care nursing, plus 3 years in management at BUPA.

Susan works hard to ensure you receive excellent patient care. Should you have any concerns about your care please discuss them with Susan who will help.

Clinic Manager