What is involved in a treatment?

You must first have a consultation to ensure Sclerotherapy is an appropriate solution for your leg veins.

As each vein has to be injected the process is time consuming, so 1 - 4 appointments may be required depending on the number of thread veins to be treated. Appointments are typically 30-45 minutes and your practitioner may apply a topical anaesthetic for your comfort.

After each treatment you must wear a compression stocking continuously for 72 hours, during which time you must not allow it to get wet.  The stocking acts as a bandage as well as keeping the vessels closed. When you first remove your stockings it is normal for the veins to look worse before their appearance improves. You must continue to wear the stocking during the day for the next 7 days to promote recovery.

We can eliminate any remaining tiny spider veins with Photothermolysis which uses our highly accurate Candela vascular laser.