HydraFacial® HydraEye

Our HydraFacial® HydraEye is a fantastic facial to reduce the early stages of fine lines, crows feet and dark circles around your eye area.

Its a combination treatment that combines HydraFacial® with ENDYMED 3DEEP™ radiofrequency to hydrate your skin and stimulate collagen formation for a tightening effect.

It starts with lymphatic drainage therapy to help remove waste and toxins accumulated around your eye area.

Next a special mix of salicylic and glycolic acids break up the dirt and oil clogging your pores, which is then sucked out by Vortex Extraction.

Then the ENDYMED TIGHTEN Eye protocol is used to lift and tighten your skin in the eye contour area, under the eye and above the brow.

After which HydraFacial® Vortex Fusion is used to apply an Antioxidant Serum to calm and hydrate your skin.

It ends with a HydraFacial® PERK Eye to boost the skin in your eye contour zone. You take the PERK Eye home to help maintain results for 30 days.

The facial typically takes 55 minutes.

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