Red Carpet Facial

Tighter, smoother, brighter looking skin

Whether you need to be camera-ready or just want to look great for an event, our Red Carpet Facial will deliver A-list results all year round.

The benefits of this gentle chemical peel are:

  • Instant glowing results
  • Creates tighter, smoother, brighter looking skin
  • Reduces open pores and blackheads
  • Antibacterial effect
  • Minimal recovery time

Rough skin patches and fine lines are smoothed, enlarged pores are minimised and your skin’s elasticity gets its snap back to give you that A-list look.

We recommend having this facial 1-2 weeks in advance of your event. You can enhance results progressively by having a series of facials every 4-6 weeks.

At its core is a special 20% Salicylic Acid, 2% Glycolic Acid and 2% Lactic Acid formulation to decongest clogged pores and exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal your new brighter, fresher skin complexion buried underneath. 

Salicylic Acid is an oil-soluble ingredient, which means it’ll get deep into your pores to clean them out and improve your overall complexion. For this reason this facial is particularly good at helping people who suffer with breakouts and adult acne.

The facial has 3 key steps:

  1. Your skin is thoroughly cleansed and dried before the active formulation is applied.
  2. Your practitioner will apply the first layer across your face and wait 30 to 60 seconds. You may feel a light prickly sensation. If you find it tolerable the practitioner may repeat the process once or twice.
  3. Your practitioner will neutralise the active formulation, dry your skin and then bath your face in Dermalux red and infrared light to stimulate the natural production of collagen and Vitamin D. A sensation which is sure to remind you of relaxing on a sunny beach.

During recovery there is superficial peeling / flaking with this facial for up to 1 week, which starts normally on day 2 or 3, but you can go about your normal activities and hardly notice it.

The Red Carpet facial is suitable for most people with following exceptions:

  • Pregnancy - as with all treatments.
  • Allergic to aspirin.
  • Active cold sores.

Preparation before facial

If you are using skincare containing Tretinoin or vitamin A, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic - you should refrain from using these products for 3 days prior to the facial in order to avoid sensitivity. Product use can resume 24-48 hours after the facial.  

Patients having laser or IPL treatments should avoid such treatments for 1 week prior to their facial.

Chemical peels involved in our facials require new patients to have a consultation to ensure the treatment is appropriate for their skin. If they are not - we will try to recommend alternate treatments or skincare that is more suitable to your skin.

A consultation involves a skin analysis which gives you a detailed report and costs £35 which is redeemable against any facial course. 

Treatment Option Single £ Course of 3 £ Course of 6 £

Red Carpet Facial Book




Red Carpet Facial x3 and HydraFacial Acne x3




Terms and conditions

The consultation cost is only redeemable against a facial course purchased within 30 days of consultation date. Courses must be used within 12 months from purchase date. Course are not transferable. Should you decide to stop your course any refund will be calculated as the cost of your course less any treatments performed at full price and the cost of the consultation.

How do I choose which facial?

We recommend you book an Observ520X skin analysis, with our facial experts, who over 30 mins use the technology to reveal your skin's health and therefore scientifically recommend the best facials and skincare to help you achieve your goals.

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Mhairi Brown

Mhairi Brown

Mhairi enjoys taking a pragmatic and scientific approach to helping clients achieve healthy skin with a clear complexion that looks dewy. 

What’s dewy skin? “Dewy skin is when it looks hydrated, fresh and smooth as if you’ve just exfoliated” says Mhairi.

Mhairi likes to use the Observ520X skin analysis machine to see what’s hidden under your skin’s visible surface and identify how best to achieve a clear complexion using gentle chemical peels, laser and IPL skin rejuvenation combined with active skincare to target specific concerns.

Mhairi is also an expert at body contouring providing CoolSculpting and ONDA treatments to help you achieve a body shape in which you feel comfortable.

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Hannah Leigh

Hannah Leigh

Hannah has a dual role in the team providing chairside assistance for our doctors and nurses as a medical assistant, and as an aesthetician helping clients achieve smooth, firm, hair free skin.

Hannah particularly enjoys helping clients reducing that “orange peel” pattern on thighs with our ONDA cellulite treatment, combined with their desired bikini line and hair free legs using with our advanced laser. 

As a qualified Level 4 Advanced Skin Therapist she can help you get glowing, radiant skin with our range of HydraFacial and TIGHTEN+ facials.

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Toni Quinn

Toni Quinn

Toni has enormous experience in laser hair removal and can help you get smooth hair free skin quickly and comfortably.

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Her latest skill is reducing Cellulite which is a very common condition that causes lumpy, dimpled flesh on the thighs, hips, and buttocks.

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