Melasma Microneedling

Melasma microneedling reduces hormone induced melasma that typically appears on the forehead, cheeks, chin and upper lips. The bioactive serum, which contains arbutin liquorice, combined with vitamins A, C and E in a hyaluronic acid base, is combined with eDermaStamp® microneedling to reduce and inhibit melasma. 

Who can benefit from melasma microneedling ?

Most suitable for females aged between 20 to 45 (typically starts to appear in your 30s) who have melasma induced from sun exposure combined with:

  • Use of the contraceptive pill
  • Pregnancy
  • Perimenopause

We recommend an initial course of 6 treatments followed by a maintenance treatment every 6 months thereafter.

Post treatment care

  • No treatment can permanently remove melasma, but this treatment can significantly make the melasma less noticeable - with long term results. 
  • You should avoid exposure to intense sunlight, e.g. during a holiday, can induce and aggravate melasma making it more noticeable again.
  • You should wear SPF50 daily, continuously, as this is essential to prevent inducing and aggravating the melasma. 

Who should not have this treatment?

This treatment is not suitable for:

  • People with weakened immune system.
  • People with clotting and bleeding disorders.
Melasma microneedling prices
Patients new to melasma microneedling require a consultation to check your medical history and ensure the treatment is appropriate for you.
Treatment Options £
Course of 6 Melasma Microneedling 950
Single Melasma Microneedling Book 190
Consultation  Book 35

Is this suitable for general pigmentation?

If you have hyperpigmentation or age spots then we would recommend either HydraFacial Platinum facial with a ZO Brightalive Booster or  IPL /laser treatments depending on the severity of your pigmentation.


Elspeth Cocozza

Elspeth Cocozza

Elspeth has over 8 year experience in nursing and patient care. She specialises in treating injectable treatments, thread veins, micro-needling, PRP hair loss and skin rejuvenation.

Elspeth Cocozza
Nurse & Facial Aesthetics
NMC 11I1662S

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NMC 11I1662S
Nurse & Facial Aesthetics
Hannah Leigh

Hannah Leigh

Hannah has a dual role in the team providing chairside assistance for our doctors and nurses as a medical assistant, and as an aesthetician helping clients achieve smooth, firm, hair free skin.

Hannah particularly enjoys helping clients reducing that “orange peel” pattern on thighs with our ONDA cellulite treatment, combined with their desired bikini line and hair free legs using with our advanced laser. 

As a qualified Level 4 Advanced Skin Therapist she can help you get glowing, radiant skin with our range of HydraFacial and TIGHTEN+ facials.

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Mhairi Brown

Mhairi Brown

Mhairi enjoys taking a pragmatic and scientific approach to helping clients achieve healthy skin with a clear complexion that looks dewy. 

What’s dewy skin? “Dewy skin is when it looks hydrated, fresh and smooth as if you’ve just exfoliated” says Mhairi.

Mhairi likes to use the Observ520X skin analysis machine to see what’s hidden under your skin’s visible surface and identify how best to achieve a clear complexion using gentle chemical peels, laser and IPL skin rejuvenation combined with active skincare to target specific concerns.

Mhairi is also an expert at body contouring providing CoolSculpting and ONDA treatments to help you achieve a body shape in which you feel comfortable.

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Toni Quinn

Toni Quinn

Toni has enormous experience in laser hair removal and can help you get smooth hair free skin quickly and comfortably.

Plus as an experience skin therapist Toni can help you get glowing, radiant skin with our range of HydraFacial® and TIGHTEN+ facials.

Her latest skill is reducing Cellulite which is a very common condition that causes lumpy, dimpled flesh on the thighs, hips, and buttocks.

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Rachael Robertson

Rachael Robertson

Rachael is a qualified as a dental nurse and aesthetician

As a dental nurse she supports our medical practitioners. Rachael takes tray impressions for tooth whitening and blood samples for pathology testing. Her calm and reassuring nature will ensure you have a smooth journey as she provides chairside assistance for our doctors and nurses.

As an aesthetician Rachael provides skin analysis, HydraFacials, chemical peels, RF skin tightening and microneedling treatments.

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