IPL Skin Rejuvenation

"Reduce facial redness"

Our Lynton EXCELIGHT® is one of the most advanced Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) skin rejuvenation systems available. Its Lynton technology is widely regarded by many dermatologists as the most clinically effective IPL in the marketplace and is one of the preferred choices for the NHS.

As a Lynton Gold Approved Clinic you can be confident that our IPL is annually serviced and calibrated, and that all our team are trained and supported to an extremely high standard.

Using the EXCELIGHT® IPL we can:

  • Reduce pigmentation 
  • Reduce facial redness from broken veins
  • Reduce acne 
  • Reduce facial redness from rosacea

Sun spots, liver spots, freckles and other unwanted pigmentation are often associated with skin ageing and over exposure to the sun or sunbeds.  From the age of about 40 your skin is less able to regenerate from sun exposure and the sun damage becomes more visible on your skin. 

Generally age spots pose no health risk, however they can be unsightly and create a patchy, less youthful appearance. IPL pigment removal is a relatively quick and easy procedure where the age spots and freckles can be lightened or removed in as little as 1-3 easy IPL sessions.

Treatment is suitable for you if:

  • You want a more even skin tone
  • You want to reduce areas of excess freckling
  • You want to target a specific age spot 

Facial redness or broken veins (telangiectasia) are small unsightly superficial red, purple or blue veins that occur around the nose and across the cheeks and chin.  These broken veins occur when the vein dilates and become larger so they are visible through the transparency of the skin.  Although facial veins are quite common they can cause some distress and embarrassment for those who have them. 

Facial veins are effectively treated with minimal downtime and risk in 1-3 easy IPL sessions. 

Treatment is suitable for you if you want to:

  • Reduce overall facial redness and reduce blushing
  • Reduce the symptoms of rosacea
  • Have clearer, brighter, fresher looking skin 

How is the treatment carried out?

A layer of chilled gel is applied to the skin to help guide the light. The light guide is placed onto the skin and a short pulse of light is released. The applicator is passed over the skin several times before moving onto the neighbouring area, and the process is repeated until the whole area is treated. Each pulse of light treats a large area of skin and so the duration of the treatment is very short. The gel is removed and the skin is moisturised. During treatment protective eye wear will be provided.

Am I suitable for treatment?

Almost everyone can be treated, apart from very dark skinned or tanned individuals. If you are pregnant or taking Roaccutane (an acne medication) it is best not to undergo laser or IPL.

How does the treatment feel?

Treatment is mildly uncomfortable but no anaesthesia is required. Many people describe the sensation as similar to the flick of an elastic band.

What should I expect after the treatment?

Immediately after treatment the skin may appear red and a warm tingling sensation may be felt. Typically the skin is cooled to ease any discomfort and a calming gel is applied. 

Are there any side effects?

The treated area can become quite red immediately after treatment but this usually disappears within a couple of hours. Most people experience no other side effects but very rarely a small blister could form or the skin may become temporarily lighter or darker.

How long does treatment take?

Appointment sessions vary from 15 - 45 minutes depending on the size of your treatment area.

Treatment Options Single £ Course of 3 £
Facial Redness / Rosacea - Book Online 139 354
Couple of Thread Veins - Book Online 86 219
Age Spots - Book Online 86 219

UK regulations require new patients, or patients who have not had a treatment for 6 months, to have a safety patch test. Treatments can start 7 days after a successful test patch. We combined a test patch with a full 30-minute expert consultation £35.





Derna Hughes

Derna Hughes

Winner of Aesthetician of the Year 2018 at the Scottish Medical Cosmetic and The Herald LOOK Awards is confirmation of Derna's expertise in laser and IPL skin rejuvenation treatments.

Derna is a qualified STEREX Advanced Cosmetic Practitioner in hair and skin blemishes removal, and has over 10 years experience in providing lasers and IPL treatments. In addition Derna specialises in microneedling to help reduce acne scars and stretch marks. So, whatever your skin concerns Derna can help you achieve clear, smooth skin.

Prior to specialising in aesthetics Derna worked for Virgin Atlantic providing beauty treatments to its first class and celebrity passengers, so you can be sure of outstanding attention to detail and service. Just ask her about some of the stars she has treated!

ITEC, City & Guilds, ACP, VTCT, CIBTAC
Julie Fortune

Julie Fortune

Julie is a qualified dental nurse and phlebotomist who supports our medical practitioners. Her bubbly and chatty nature will relax you on your journey as she provides chairside assistance for our doctors and nurses.

Julie's has also achieved her CIBTAC Level 4 Advanced Skin Science with distinction and is qualified in laser / IPL and CoolSculpting treatments.

Julie helps our patients by taking tray impressions for tooth whitening, blood samples for testing and treatments for skin rejuvenation. 

GDC 253183 / CIBTAC
Dental Nurse / Aesthetician
Mhairi Brown

Mhairi Brown

Mhairi can help you achieve glowing radiant skin with great skincare advice and a range of medi-facials including the HydraFacial, Red Carpet Facial and PhotoFacial. As an experienced laser therapist Mhairi can help you achieve smooth hair free skin in as little as 6 sessions.


Hannah Holmes

Hannah Holmes

Hannah is ready to help you achieve glowing radiant skin with great skincare advice and a range of medi-facials including the HydraFacial, Red Carpet Facial and PhotoFacial. Plus she can help you with laser hair removal and IPL skin rejuvenation.

Hannah's bubbly personality is sure to get you relaxed and chatting.


How do I find out if this treatment is suitable for me?

Arrange a 30 minute consultation with our expert practitioners who will examine your concern, check your medical history and then recommend appropriate treatment options whilst explaining associated costs, expected outcomes and any risks.
We charge £35 for each consultation to cover the costs, which means you get honest advice from which you can make an informed decision and are never pressured into making a decision.

How to do I check that the clinic is a safe and professional treatment provider?

The team and clinic is annually inspected by Healthcare Improvement Scotland who regulate independent hospitals, hospices and clinics in Scotland. The inspections examine our team, treatments and clinical environment, so that you have the invaluable assurance that you are in safe hands that use safe products in a safe environment.

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