Scottish Aesthetic Awards

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It’s a hat-trick as we win Aesthetician of the Year for the third year running at the Scottish Medical Cosmetic - plus we win...

Finalist for 7 Awards in 2018

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Face & Body clinic in Edinburgh have been nominated for 5 awards at the Scottish Medical Cosmetic Awards & 2 awards at The Herald Newspaper's LOOK Awards.

When perspiration turns to Sweaty Betty

Do you consider yourself a Sweaty Betty? And by that I mean you sweat profusely, not that you are a fashion icon! Did you know you can stop it?

Non Surgical Blepharoplasty

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The PLASMA IQ non-surgical blepharoplasty solves droop eyelid problems with less risk, downtime and expense than surgery.

Summertime ends, but not the need for SPF

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Why UVA and HEVL rays mean you should wear sun protection all year round to reduce your skin from the effects of premature ageing.

World Experts Meeting Barcelona 2017

The World Expert Meeting in Barcelona inspired me on new treatment plans using Silhouette Soft® & Ellansé® for enhanced results

Frown lines, we all have them!

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What causes frown lines and why are some called dynamic lines and others static lines? Gemma explains frown lines and how to treat that grumpy look.

The Lip Trick

Your lips shrink as you age. The trick is to restore your lips with dermal fillers, so that they look like the lips you always had, or should have had!

Men seeking aesthetic treatments

Robbie Williams has confirmed that he has had Botox and other aesthetic treatments. But what are men seeking from aesthetic treatments?

The Golden Secret to Aesthetics

How the golden ratio, or Phi, is the solution to creating facial beauty in aesthetic medicain as well as in nature.

Living with Rosacea

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What negative perceptions do rosacea sufferers experience & what can be done to help?

Cosmetic Clinic of the Year 2016

Face & Body win Cosmetic Clinic of the Year 2016 at The Herald's Look Awards - celebrating hair, beauty & aesthetics in Scotland.

The Devil of Skincare

Skin expert Becky Hymers explains why face wipes cause more harm than good and in her opinion are the devil to a good skincare regime.

6 Simple Steps to Great Skin

Victoria talks about her skincare range for women with busy jobs, commitments and family who want an easy-to-use regime that is a guilt-free indulgence.

Scotland's Top Aesthetic Clinic

What does it mean to be a double winner of Scotland's Best Cosmetic Clinic and what does the future hold?

Christmas Stocking Fillers

Becky suggests some wonderful Christmas stocking fillers for girlfriends, wives, mothers and daughters. With a range of prices for every pocket.

What is Surgical Electrolysis?

Edinburgh electrolysis expert Stephanie explains surgical electrolysis & why it is the best solution for removing Skin Tags, Milia & skin blemishes. 

Body shape concerns - how to break the cycle

Do you feel you are stuck in a cycle of diet, indulgence and guilt? If so, our body contouring treatments can help get your body shape under control.

Aesthetics Expert Summit Istanbul 2014

Victoria Dobbie talks about the aesthetic conference program, held by merz in Istanbul. This Merz summit was the largest ever with delegates from across the globe sharing their vast experience of injectable and Ultherapy skin tightening treatments. I was privileged to be invited as part of the UK contingent and had a few hours before the conference to get a taste of a fascinating city.

Ink-credible results with laser tattoo removal

Edinburgh laser expert, Stephanie, discusses laser tattoo removal using an Candela AlexTri-Vantage Q-switch laser to remove black, blue, red & green ink.

A is for Acne...

For 20% of the adult population the agony of adult acne is an ongoing issue, but Face & Body in Edinburgh can help you reduce the impact of acne.

What attracts men?

Valentine's Day will soon be upon us and whether you're single or committed, probably like me, you'll want to be looking and feeling attractive this coming week. But if you want romance to blossom you have to think about what attracts men and not necessarily what makes you feel comfortable. Lets explore some well understood DOs and the barriers preventing us from achieving them.

Save Your Tan with Skin Omegas

Just back from a fantastic holiday in Turkey where I finally got some sun. The only downside was coming back to the pouring rain at Newcastle airport. Our summers just seem to be getting worse.